How to get there for early trip for canyoning ? 

想要一早參加溯溪的朋友們, 該如何早上到達宜蘭南澳呢?

if you want to arrive in early morning, there are several way


當然, 這是最方便的方法, 還可以一車五人同行. 但要注意的是, 周末雪山隧道是個"必塞" 的路段, 蘇花又是一個砂石車, 休旅車, 繁忙, 去回都只有一個路寬, 如果遇到大車, 或者慢一點的車, 就很有可能後面的幾公里都慢慢塞, 最好的辦法就是超車, 當然 當然 當然 不行也不推薦, 最好就是早一點進雪隧, 我們會建議7點前進去, 早一點出發, 路況也好, 還可以到南澳吃個有名的阿里包子, 或者是當地人的私房早餐油飯.


of course, if you drive, it is the most flexible way to go everywhere, but maybe you already know if you are in Taiwan for a period of time, it is always easy to get traffic jam in High way 5, 

so you better make sure you enter the "Snow mountanin tunnel" or as know as "  SYUESHAN tunnel " before 7:00am.  If  you deaprture earlier, no traffic, no rush and you can enjoy the local breakfast in Nan Ao.


個人是很愛搭火車, 舒服又輕鬆. 

如果你是台北出發的, 搭火車可能直達到南澳都已經9:52了, 所以轉車是必然了.


personaly feeling, i prefer train, but if you leave from Taipei, you want to take the direct train to NanAo will arrive 9:52am,

which will be too late, you dont want to be enemy of the whole group. so how to get them on time ?!

推薦方法 : (1) 葛瑪蘭台北出發 6:00 - 宜蘭 或者 羅東

                      ** 國光客運也有喔! 圓山站與南港站有往宜蘭的,  國光客運查詢

                  (2) 宜蘭或者羅東轉火車到南澳      

Suggestion : (1) bus from Taipei - Yilan or LuoDong (departure from 6:00am)

                    (2) train from Yilan or LuoDong to NanAo        

葛瑪蘭訂票 (booking system for bus)

台鐵訂票 (booking system for train)

火車羅東站 > 南澳站 (4124車號)

train from Luo Dong > NanAo (train 4124)

回程: 可以直搭太魯閣號~回台北, 超方便也不怕開車打瞌睡

Return: can book the express directly to Taipei train No 229, very convenience.




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